Historical facts
The Oldest Period of Ukrainian History
Slavs (The first millennium B.C. - 9th century A.D.)
Kyiv Rus (The first half of 9th - the 12th centuries.)
Halytsian-Volynian Principality (The end of 11th - 14th centuries.)
Ukrainian Lands as Part of Great Lithuanian Principality and Rich Pospolyta (14th - 16th centuries.)
Cossacks (The late 15th - early 17th centuries.)
Liberating War of Ukrainian People in the mid-17th Century (The mid 17th - 18 centuries.)
The Ukrainian State During the Late 17th Century (Late 17th century.)
Right-Bank Western Ukrainian Lands During the 18th Century (The 18th century.)
The Left-Bank Hetmanate Between Independence and Incorporation (The 18th century.)
Ukraine of the 19th Century (19th century.)
The Ukrainian National Revolution (1917-1921)
Strengthening of the Soviet System (1921-1941)
Ukraine in the Second World War (1941-1945)
Post-War Years (1945-1985)
The Way to Freedom and Independence (1985 - 1994)

"The Ukraine Under The Soviets"