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- Bowling in Ukraine
- Bowling club "Argus" (Kharkiv)

- Cycle racing in Ukraine
- Biking club (Dnipropetrovsk)
- Independent Ukrainian bikers' site
- The site is dedicated to cycling sport in Ukraine

Mountain Climbing
- Mountain climbing in Crimea
- "Crocus" tourist club
- The site is dedicated to extreme sports (alpinism, windsurfing, etc.)

- Parachute jumps in Lviv
- Federation of parachute sports in Ukraine
- Paragliding in Carpathians, club "Rakhiv"
- Paragliding in Ukraine
- Paragliding in Ukraine

- Ukrainian Speed Skating Federation (Ukr., Rus., Eng.)

- Site of Lviv skiers
- Site is dedicated to mountain skiing

Sports Centers
- Home page of sports center "Ideal" (Kyiv)
- Sports club "Scythian"

- Reebok production in Ukraine
- The site is dedicated to equestrian sport in Ukraine
- Lviv Federation of archery
- Paintball club "Triada" (Lviv)
- Information-analytical sports edition "Svit Sportu"
- The site is dedicated to the Olympic champion of 1996 Liliya Podkopayeva
- Site of Vitaliy and Vladimir Klichko
- Official fan-club of the brothers Klichko
- Fan-club of Klichkos
- Site of Ukrainian tennis-player Medvedev
- Ukrainian sports analytical server
- National Olympic Committee of Ukraine
- The site is dedicated to the Olympic team of Ukraine
- Ukrainian Federation of sailing sport of Ukraine
- Sailing sport in Ukraine and Dnipropetrovsk region
- Windsurfing on the BlackSea (Ukraine)
- Ternopil windsurfing club
- Information about water motorcycles in Crimea
- Yachting in Kyiv
- Site of Ukrainian Federation of Thai box Muei-Thai
- Federation of power lifting of Ukraine
- Federation of Biathlon of Ukraine
- Auto sport in Ukraine
- Auto sport in Ukraine (magazine "Sygnal")
- Bookmaker's office "Favorite"
- Skateboarding. Official site of Kyiv skaters
- Federation of shaping and aqua fitness of Kyiv
- Questrian sport in Ukraine
- The site is dedicated to snow-boarding in Kyiv
- Magazine "Zbroya and Polyuvannya" ("Weapon and Hunting")
- FishHome - the site is dedicated to sport fishing and hunting in Ukraine (description, rules, advices, contacts, etc.)
- The site is dedicated to S-teamball in Ukraine (teams, rules, championships, etc.)
- The site is dedicated to diving (Ukr.)
- Extreme sports in Ukraine
- EXTREME studio (extreme sports in Ukraine)

- Surfing
Today, this sport is not only generally accessible, but also gaining in popularity in Ukraine. Obviously Kyiv's artificial sea is no Pacific and the local beach a far cry from Hawaii, but we do have the Black Sea, which has attracted an astounding number of surfers from the former USSR over the past few years. During the last ten days of August, a surfing festival in the Crimea attracts over 10,000 participants and spectators each year. NTV, ORT, MTV and Ptyuch and OM magazines all cover the events to include top DJs, fireworks, etc.

- Diving
Until recently, the submerged world of the Black Sea was accessible only to professional scuba divers and marines undertaking training. However during the past years, Cousteau followers have been able to take a sightseeing trip over the scenic bottom without any official restrictions. Several days of training and you will be issued with a diving competency certificate. If getting to the Red Sea presents a problem, then there is always the good old Black Sea.

- Paintballing
Those still fond of playing cops and robbers can now take advantage of an adult alternative, paintballing. Widely advertised by Ukrainian sports TV host Valentyn Shcherbachev, this sport currently attracts young and old alike. Why not give it a try? Start with your friends and colleagues just for fun, and when you are firmly hooked more experienced "comrades-in-arms" will willingly take you on. What makes this sport so popular is that you can play anywhere: on the ground, on water, even in the air. There are some paintball clubs in Kyiv and Ukraine. See our links.

- Mountain Biking
Mountain biking is currently firmly established as one of the most popular individual sports, the more so that Ukraine's terrain is ideal: the Crimean and Carpathian mountains, even Kyiv's hills, can accommodate countless bikers. If you do not have a bike, call the MTB-Holosiyevo Club who will provide information on what and where to buy.

- Parachute jumping
If you haven't done it before, you can make your maiden jump in tandem with an instructor. After leaving the plane at an altitude of 2,600-4,000 m., you will enjoy the thrill of a free-fall for 30 to 50 secs. Your instructor will then open the main parachute and get you safe and sound to the ground. The jump costs $100 plus $10 if you want to savor the moment on video. A two-day course will prepare you for a solo jump. The first jump is $22, and then from $10 for further jumps. Planes used: AN-28, AN-2, SM-92 and Vilga-35. Jumping season is all year round. For more information call the Antonov Central Aeroclub in Kyiv, tel.: 444-82-93
Cycling Rules in Kyiv
Riding a bicycle is something many people learn in childhood and some continue to enjoy throughout life. However, not everybody will have bothered to find out the simple rules, both official and practical, of biking in Kyiv. Needless to say, violations of the regulations here can lead to a fine, or, in the worst case, to something more drastic. But what exactly are the rules? The official ones are laid out in the traffic code of 1994: get a copy from your local GAI office. In all fairness, they are not particularly bureaucratic, but targeted at making cycling safer for the cyclist. The code states that...
Igor Tkachenko
Giving Mountain Biking a Sporting Chance

What do you do if the sport you love is underfunded and underpromoted in your country? You could do nothing, or you could take up the reins of the national team and get a whole new generation interested...
Magic on Ice!
Learn the art of ice-skating in Kyiv this winter

Before I left the warmer climes of my home sweet homeland, everyone kept bringing me back to the fact that as soon as I reached Ukraine Father Frost would envelop me. But as we all learn through experience, I baked in June, July and August...
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