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World Cup Playoff Draw Announced ZURICH,

Switzerland (AP) - England could be traveling to Ukraine, while Ireland or the Netherlands may be headed for Asia as a result of the World Cup playoff draw on Friday. With 21 qualifying games in Europe on Saturday and 22 more Wednesday, the situation should become a lot clearer in the next few days. No European team, apart from defending champion and automatic qualifier France, has yet clinched a place in the 32-team field for next year's
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FC Dynamo Today

Hryhori Surkis, the honoured president of the football club Dynamo Kyiv, believes that the club remains unprofitable despite being the most successful in the post Soviet area in Ukraine.

Hryhori Surkis is known in Ukraine and beyond its borders not only as an influential oligarch but also as a generous football sponsor. This year marks the seventh anniversary since the time he was elected as the President of the FC Dynamo. It took only several years for the football team to become a serious opponent for the number of celebrity clubs in the European Champions League.

The magazine "Expert" narrates an interview with Mr. Surkis.
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Sergei Baltacha: "I am a Ukrainian"

UkrainianSoccer.Net reports an interview with Sergei Baltacha Jr.
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Surkis meets the press

UkrainianSoccer.Net narrates an interview with Hryhoriy Surkis, Ukrainian Football Federation president and FC Dynamo Kyiv president Hryhori Surkis.
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Гол - Продано!

В Мадриде состоялась встреча руководителей четырнадцати ведущих европейских клубов (G-14). на котором официально была утверждена структура новой европейской суперлиги. По отзывам испанской прессы, чиновники из Союза европейских футбольных ассоциаций (УЕФА) отреагировали на произошедшее доброжелательно. Однако кажущаяся идиллия во взаимоотношениях G-14 и УЕФА- скорее тонкая дипломатическая игра. За вежливыми улыбками скрывается борьба за контроль над финансовыми потоками в современном ф\тболе. Хозяева команд G-14 уже не раз пытались нарушить монополию УЕФА на право управлять европейским футболом. Последнее жесткое столкновение было в 1988 году. Тогда в ответ на угро-зу G-14 организовать собственную лигу УЕФА пошла на значительные уступки богатым клубам, реформировав еврокубки и увеличив выплаты их участникам. Однако этим решением конфликт был лишь загнан вглубь. И вот двенадцать лет спустя Суперлига создана. Это не только повысит доходы входящих в нее клубов. но и будет на руку медиа-корпораци-ям, так как даст возможность организовать новые платные футбольные телеканалы. Начав с соглашений о трансляции матчей, телеканалы подошли к скупке акций конкретных клубов с целью получить контроль над одной из самых высокодоходных сфер мировой индустрии развлечений.
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Наиболее крупные сделки на трансферном рынке
Л. Фигу
56.1 млн. долларов
Э. Креспо
54.1 млн. долларов
К. Вьери
50 млн. долларов
К. Вьери
50 млн. долларов
Н. Анелька
35,7 млн. долларов


Пока что в минусе

Киевское "Динамо", добившееся наибольших успехов среди постсоветских клубов, по словам его президента Григория Суркиса, до сих пор является убыточным предприятием.

Григорий Суркис известен на Украине и за ее пределами не только как влиятельный олигарх, но и как щедрый футбольный меценат. В этом году исполнилось семь лет с момента его избрания президентом киевского "Динамо", которое после нескольких лет неудачных выступлений превратилось в мощный суперклуб, успешно выступающий последние четыре года в Лиге европейских чемпионов. О том, что представляет собой сегодняшнее киевское "Динамо" как футбольный бизнес, его президент рассказал корреспонденту "Эксперта" на базе клуба в Конча-Заспе под Киевом.
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Dynamo Team: The Legend

This almost incredible story occurred in the summer of 1942, and it was so popular that at one time people referred to the ravine as, "the same Baby Yar where they shot the soccer players". In those days it made the rounds in the form of a legend, one so fine and so satisfying that I want to set it down in full. Here it is:
Kyiv's Dynamo soccer team had been one of the best in the USSR before the war...Because of the encirclement, the team had been unable to get away from Kyiv.... One day the streets of the occupied Kyiv became filled with posters:

Germany's Armed Forces All-Stars
Start, City of Kyiv All-Stars

The stadium was filled; the Germans occupied half of the stands and all of their important leaders, including the commandant himself. They were in fine spirits and expected a happy outcome. The hungry, ragged populace of Kyiv occupied the poorer seats.
The game began. The Dynamo men were emaciated and weak. The well-fed German team played a rough game, openly tripping their opponents; but the referee noticed nothing. The Germans in the stands roared with glee when the first goal was scored against the Kyiv team. The other side of the stadium kept gloomily silent... Then suddenly the Dynamo men seemed to rally. They were seized with fury... They outplayed the Germans and, with a desperate surge, drove the tying goal... More time passed and Dynamo, which recovered its prewar finesse and brilliant teamwork, scored its second goal... Germans swept through the stands shouting, "Stop that!" and firing in the air... and the other half of the stadium was cheering wildly loud.
During the intermission an officer from the commandant's box visited the Dynamo locker rooms and very politely told them, "Well done, you've played good soccer and we appreciate it. But now in the second half, take it easy; because as you yourselves must realize, you have to lose. You must. The German army team has never lost before, especially on occupied territory.This is an order. If you don't lose, You'll be shot."
The Dynamo men listened in silence and then went out to the field. The second half began and Kyiv team scored a third goal. Half of the stadium was roaring, and many wept for joy; the German half was grumbling with indignation.
Dynamo kicked in another goal. The Germans in the stands leaped to their feet and fingered their pistols. Guards ran out along the sidelines and cordoned off the field.
It was a game to the death... Dynamo scored again and the commandant and all the officers left the stands. The referee cut the game short with the whistle. The guards, not even waiting for the teams to reach the lockers, grabbed the Dynamo players right there on the field, loaded them into a closed truck and took them off to Baby Yar.
In actuality, the story was not quite so tidy. The ending was the same, but the events were more complicated. Not one game, but several, took place, and the fury of Germans mounted from match to match.
The team of some German army unit really was defeated in the first game on July 12, 1942, and the Germans didn't like it; but no arrests occurred. The Germans annoyed simply signed up the stronger PSG army team to play the next game, on July 17. Start routed, literally routed, this team, 6:0. On July 19 Start played against a Hungarian team, MSG Wal, and won 5:1.
From the report on that match:
"... Despite the final score, the teams can be considered almost equally strong"
The Hungarians proposed a return match, which was held on July 26. The final score -- 3:2, in favor of Start. Now it looked as though the team was ready to be beaten, and the Germans would have their satisfaction.
A new match was announced for August 6 between Start and the "most powerful", "undefeated" German Flakelf team. The newspaper went simply wild in its coverage of the Flakelf team, citing its fabulous record statistics. This was the match of the legend. The newspaper carried no report of it. However, the soccer players were not arrested yet. On August 9 they played another game against Flakelf -- this time "friendly". Start was getting another chance. But it defeated the Germans in this game too; and on August 16 it beat the team Rukh 8:0. After this game the Dynamo soccer players were finally sent to Baby Yar.
Euro 2012
WARSAW, Poland — The World Cup may be the best-known soccer tournament on the planet

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