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Cost of fitness in Kyiv
There is quit a number of places in Kyiv today where a person may go in for sports. They differ from basement sport clubs to fashionable fitness centers.

Making a choice depends on personal interests in and outside sporting activities and the way one realizes his interests. According to expert's point of view everybody who goes in for sports unprofessionally does it for one of the following three reasons:
1. for the sake of prestige
2. with the business use
3. supporting the shape

For today one of the most prestige and expensive ways of spending free time refers to attending the following fitness centers: "Atlant", "Akvarium", "Kyiv Sport Club", "Nauka". They are dedicated not only for making sports but for pleasantly dense spare time as well. In fact people go clubbing the weekends through on their own, with friends or families daring to organize their birthdays or other anniversaries. That's true that such a sportsman has to spend a whole day trying to check out every type of service offered. No doubt they may spend one hour of tough work out doing weights yet they will have to pay for the whole day anyway.

Those for whom business takes much of their life energy
  easier to find common language working out together shoulder by shoulder!

Far not the last service of fashionable fitness centers is providing security guarantees. Special stuff is responsible for a high level security so that no one else can come inside. It's real amazing that in case two business competitors wish to visit the same club its administration schedules their time so that situations when the rivals occasionally encounter themselves at opposite corners of a tennis court after having a rough business conversation just couple of hours ago are completely eliminated.

Attending cheap and middle price weight-lifting clubs and the-like sport gyms is very accessible in Kyiv. Basically they are located in the basements of living buildings, schools, kindergartens etc. The majority of them are not able to offer their clients a large variety of services as well as many of them still don't have decent showers and locker rooms. It's always like undesirable persons hanging around. However practically there is a good "working atmosphere" there so that You get no chance but to work hard and intensively on Yourself. That in turn means that those who want to see the result of their work faster by wasting less money and time may feel free to go for it!
and activity strong health is an obvious need. Besides such guys stake on personal negotiations a lot thus they are to be in a good fit. Sport for them is not a homage to fashion but a clear necessity. Their age and reputation
vote against attending basement-like sport clubs full of vivid teens from the hood. Moreover in prestigious clubs they're meeting people on business saving their precious time in such a way including conducting business negotiations and even signing contracts.
In addition there is one more positive thing - it's always
Subscription fee
Prepaid services
Other services
Discounts avilability
Kyiv Sports Club Hr. 1650 per month
not limited
2 fitness gyms, aerobics, yoga, sqaush, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi personal simulator trainings, solarium, massage, bar, sport store, hairdressing saloon, cosmetics saloon family subsription: 1st - full price, 2nd - 20% discount befor 2 p.m.; Hr. 1155 - group discounts; for 7 or 10 people - Hr. 1400 per month; for children under 16 - Hr. 825; on time subscrition prolonging - next one for free; seasonal sicounts - up to %30
Aquarium from $100 per month in case of 1 year
6 month
not limited
4 fitness gyms, 4 swimming pools (diving), aerobics, billiard, sauna personal trainer assistance, restauraunt, beaty saloon for the users of family children, student and morning cards
Nauka depending upon chosen services (tennis court: outdoor - from Hr. 25 per hour, indoor - from Hr. 100 per hour, weight-lifting: Hr. 20 per hour)
depends on a client
  sauna, beaty saloon, restaurasnt for the members of club: %10 - % 15 for all the services
Atlant $1200 per 3 month
depends on a client
fitness gyms, aerobics, shaping, sauna, massage, soliarium, east medecine cabinet restaraunt  
Ms. Fitness Hr.750 per month
3 times per week 1 hour 45 min. long
aerobics, fitness gym, nourishment consulting soliarium, fito-bar,massage, sauna preveledge time (13.00-16.00) - Hr.585 per month; 3 month payment in advance - 10%; 6 month - 20%; 12 months - 30%
Guber Gum Hr.18 per 1 training
1 training
depends on a client
fitness gyms or shaping beaty saloon, solarium, sauna, protein bar morning time (9.00-13.00) - 5%; day time (13.00-16.00) - 15%; for children - 50%
Domino aerobics:
$4 - $6 per hour; weight-lifting:
$5 per hour
1 training
depends on a client
aerobics, shaing, fitness gym sauna, soliarium, bar morning time (9.00) - 25%; day time (15.00) - 15%; monthal subscription - 20%
Zdorovye Hr.8 per hour
1 week
depends on a client
fitness gym massage, bar schoolboys - 20%
Sport Center Hr.5 per hour
1 training
depends on a client
fitness gym massage