First auto saloon of the third millennium
First auto saloon of the third millennium was opened in USA. More than 740 cars of 40 car-producers were represented this year. Rodster

Buick Bengal is a new image of the famous mark. It has V-style engine of the 3,4 L volume of the power 250 L/c. The car is done on the GM platform.

Jeep Liberty 2002 is to be produced at Chrysler Plant in Toledo (Ohio State) and is to be represented in dealer's saloons in summer of the current year.
Ford 49 - concept in the modern retro style. The name of car was plunged by produced in 1949 cars of the Company. The car is based on the platform Lincoln LS and Jaguar S-Type.

The famous German Firm Porsche made a surprise for its admirers - "Porsche 911 GT2". GT2 has driving gear on back wheels. It is to be on sale in 2002 , the price hasn't been announced yet.

  Sports Car Racing In Odessa

The city of Odessa is a large port city in Ukraine. However, there is only one member who is also the president of the Auto Club. He is also the auto-rally organizer. He is the automobile sport in the form of one person - Viktor Shapovalov. Every year Viktor organizes automobile races on his own. Odessa has some auto-sport fans and some traditions in the area. But as soon as it comes to doing anything, all falls on the shoulders of only one person. This is how it is in Odessa. The sport of auto-racing does not enjoy steady growth and is still developing in Ukraine. However the competition is growing and is becoming more serious. But in Odessa everything remains as in the past. There are the "Kuyal'nyk" racing traditions, a historical aspect of the city where the auto-racing sport managed to revive itself after the Soviet Union crumbled. The rough roads that are the requirement for this kind of races and the devoted organizer are not enough to move the competition to a new level with higher standards.

V. Shapovalov

Viktor's endeavors very often do not meet the adequate support and frequently his failures become the objects of mockery from some sportsmen as well as others, who are somehow related to the auto racing. But, this is how it is in Odessa.
Every time the auto racing fans spot the Viktor's shabby "Volga" in the area of the village of Severyntsi in Odessa region, they take it as a sign that competition is imminent. At first heavy machines appear, then cars are driven around for practice. And eventually the cars race through the village over the weekend.

V. Rostots'kyi
They bring noise, crashes, shouts and the stink of gas and burning rubber from the car wheels. The Severyntsi inhabitants are unique and you can hardly find anyone throughout Ukraine who could even slightly resemble them. It looks like as if the whole village is deeply engrossed in the rally. They know the rally and safety rules, and all the prominent racers by name. Every event is genuinely and socially celebrated. Here, no one has ever heard about any problems or backstage intrigues related to the organizing of the event. Racers arrived, fly at high speed over the roads and fans emotionally demonstrate their support. People firmly believe that next year the show will go on again. This is how it is in Odessa.

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