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Personal Sites of Politicians, Deputies, and Leaders of Political Parties

Anatoly Matvienko
(Party "Sobor")

Mykola Plav'yuk
(Former President of Ukrainian People's Republic)

Viktor Medvedchuk
(Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (united)

Oleg Soskin
(Institute of Society Transformation, Ukrainian National Conservative Party)

Petro Symonenko
(Communist Party of Ukraine)

Hennadiy Balashov
("For beautiful Ukraine")

Vasyl Kremen
(Minister of Education of Ukraine)

Evhen Marchuk
(Secretary of the Committee of National Security and Defense of Ukraine)

Olexandr Moroz
(Socialist Party of Ukraine)

Olexandr Ryabchenko
(Verkhovna Rada deputy)

Leonid Chernovetsky
(deputy, member of the party "For Beautiful Ukraine" )

Serhiy Chukmasov
(Verkhovna Rada deputy)

Labor Ukraine Set to Rule?

A congress of Labor Ukraine on 18 November elected lawmaker Serhiy Tyhypko as head of the party, Interfax reported. Tyhypko told the congress that he expects Labor Ukraine to become the ruling party after the next parliamentary elections. According to Tyhypko, the party is able to win 10 percent of the vote, form a parliamentary majority with other parties, and have "as many ministers as possible" in a future coalition government. Labor Ukraine is widely believed to be an "oligarchic party" and to have considerable leverage in Ukrainian politics, as does the Revival of Regions and the Social Democratic Party (United). The Labor Ukraine's 48 lawmakers constitute the second-largest caucus in the parliament.


  Agrarian Party of Ukraine
16 Mechnikova St.
  All-Ukrainian Association Hromada
18 Kutuzova St. Tel. (044) 296-32-06
  All-Ukrainian Association New Generation
5 Dymytrova St., ap. 10-a
  All-Ukrainian Chernobyl People's party For Well-being and Social Protection of the People
18 Chyhorina St.
  All-Ukrainian Cristians Union
4 Desiatynna St., ap. 6
  All-Ukrainian Party of Labourers
5 Druzhby Narodiv Sq.
  All-Ukrainian Party of Pensioners
37-v Myropilska St., ap.69
  All-Ukrainian Party of the Centre Gromadyanska Zlahoda
11, 40-years of October Square, ap. 159
  All-Ukrainian Party of Women's Initiatives
6 Panasivska St., ap. 14
  All-Ukrainian Political Association State Independence of Ukraine
20 Kurska St., r. 14
  All-Ukrainian Political Association United Family
10 Iskrivska St.
  Christian Liberal Union
5a Biletskoho St., ap.53
  Communist Party of Ukraine
16 Borysohlibska St.
  Communist Party (labourers)
5-a Buchmy St.
  Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists
9 Yaroslaviv Val
  Constitutional Democratic Party
45 Saksahanskogo St., r.12
  Democratic Party of Ukraine
93 Chervonoarmiyska St.
  Free Peasants and Businessmen Party
22 Vorovskogo St., r..505, Tel. (044) 244-68-98
  Green Party of Ukraine
7 Kudryashova St. Tel. (044) 245 32 31
  Labour Party
68 Saksahanskogo St.
  Liberal Democratic Party
40 Bratyslavska St., r.110
  Liberal Party of Ukraine
11 Laboratorna St.
  Liberal Party of Ukraine (renewed)
10 Kikvidze St.
  Muslims Party of Ukraine
1 Marshala Zhukova Sq.
  Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists in Ukraine
17 Shevchenko Squere Tel. (044) 72-56-83
  Party Interregional Block of Reforms
8 Kontraktova St.
  Party Christian People's Union
01001 B. Khmelnitskogo St, 6.3 Tel. 228-71-93, fax 228-72-42
  Party Democratic Union
8 Kutuzova St. 8 Tel. 205-91-85, 331-91-85
  Party Labour Union
6 Myronosynska St., ap. 56-6
  Party of Communists /bilshovicks/ of Ukraine
29a Moskovska St., ap. 7.
  Party of Economic Rebirth
2 Kuybysheva St.
  Party of Educators of Ukraine
11-d L. Havro St., ap. 34
  Party of Motherland Defenders
38 Lenen Sq.
  Party of National Economic Development of Ukraine
16 Shevchenko St.
  Party of National Rescuing of Ukraine
Dniepropetrovsk Obl., village Mezhova, 17-b Sonyachna St.
  Party of Pensioners Defense of Ukraine
3 Vozzyednannia St., ap.36
  Party of Radical Break-Through
12 Budionoho St., ap. 81
  Party of Regional Rebirth of Ukraine
7 Kotsubynskoho St., ap. 5
  Party of Seriously Ill People of Ukraine
post box 1497
  Party of Slavonic Unity
9 Heroiv Stalinhradu Square, ap. 43
  Party of Solidarity of Ukraine
6 25-years of RSCHA Sq., ap.7
  Party of Spiritual, Economic and Social Progress
4 Symonenko St ap. 10
  Party Reforms and Order
2 Tymiriazivska St.
  Party Russian-Ukrainian Union
446 Revutskoho, ap. 21
  Party Social Democratic Union
2v Pyrohova St.
  Party Soyuz (Union)
5 Krupskoyi St., ap. 9
  Party Women of Ukraine
14 Kaunavska St., ap.48
  Patriotic Party of Ukraine
15 Hmelnytskoho St.
  People's Democratic Party
107 Gorkoho St. Tel. (044) 252-87-26, 252-84-18
  People's Rukh of Ukraine
37/122 Shevchenko Blvd. Tel. (044) 224-91-51
  Political Party For Beautiful Ukraine
14 Horkoho St.
  Political Party Forward Ukriane
12-6 Horkoho St.
  Political Party of Small and average business of Ukraine
7-a L. Havro St.
  Political Party Rus
Kharkiv region, Vovchansk city, 11-a Rubizhanska St.
  Political Party United Kyiv Rus
Makiyivka city, 13/23 Ostrovskoho St., ap.33
  Progressive Automobile Party of Ukraine
44 Hreshchatyk
  Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine
16 Kominterna St.
  Republican Christian Party
23 Sahaydachnoho St., ap. 4
  Rural Party of Ukraine
24 Khreshatyk St.
  Slavonic Party
68 Postysheva St.
  Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (united)
22-24 Hehelivska St.
  Social National Party of Ukraine
23 Shevchenko St.
  Social-Democratic Party of Ukraine
41-a Volgogradska St., ap. 69
  Socialist Party of Ukraine
45 Vorovskogo St.
  Ukrainian Christian Democratic Party
44 Saksahanskogo St. (044) 2212996
  Ukrainian Conservative Republican Party
6 Dmytrova St.
  Ukrainian Justice Party
8 Lvivska Pl.
  Ukrainian National Assembly
6 Strokacha St.
  Ukrainian National Conservative Party
7 Mateyuka St., r.35
  Ukrainian Party of Beer Lovers
12 Spaska St.
  Ukrainian Party of Solidarity and Social Justice
22 Vorovskoho Tel. (044) 216 53 32
  Ukrainian Popular Rukh
28-a Pushkinska St.
Tel. (044) 224-59-17, tel./fax (044) 224-10-30
  Ukrainian Republican Party
27 Prorizna St. Tel. (044) 228-03-06, 228-07-72, 228-08-11
  Ukrainian Rural Democratic Party
52 Chkalov St., ap.#61
  Ukrainian Social-Democratic Party
154 Antonovycha St.
  Women's People's Party (united)
1 Pestrovskoho Sq.