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Akademia Theater-Studio
34 Andriyivs'ky Uzviz St., tel.: 416-54-03
Performances of the best CIS theaters and actors are usually held here.
Ticket prices: 5-30 hrn.

Caf?-Theater “Koleso”
8 Andriyivs'ky Uzviz, tel.: 417-64-71, 416-05-27
Actors involve visitors in their performances. Tragedies and comedies are played here. Folklore-based shows are also on. Ticket prices: 5-20 hrn. http:// www.culture.allkiev.com.ua/koleso

City Puppet Theater
1b Lunachars'koho St., tel.: 517-42-37
Classical Ukrainian and world plays in a contemporary interpretation.
Ticket prices: 2-10 hrn.

Drama and Comedy Theater on the Left Bank
25 Brovars'ka Av., tel.: 517-19-55, 517-36-69, fax: 517-41-04
They are always ready to experiment to find new ideas and new solutions. Dramatic Ukrainian and foreign plays from comedy to drama are usually held here.
Ticket prices: 5-9 hrn.

Golden Gate Theater
4 Richkova St., tel.: 216-41-62
Ticket prices: 5-15 hrn.

Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre
3 I.Franka Sq., tel.: 229-59-91, 229- 34-14
It is a well-known drama theatre in Ukraine.
Classical dramas as well as music performances are usually held here.
Ticket prices: 5-25 hrn.

Kyiv Drama Theater on Podil
Gostynny Dvir, tel.: 416-54-89
A romantic theater. Modern and classical playwrights with an original approach.
Ticket prices: 5-10 hrn.

Kyiv State Musical Theater for Children and Youth
2 Mezhyhirs'ka St., tel.: 416-34-24, 416-30-15
The best musical events, shows, musicals for children.
Ticket prices: 2-6 hrn.

Kyiv State Puppet Theater
22 Golosiyivs'ky Av., tel.: 265-51-81
Ticket prices: 3-8 hrn.

Kyiv State Puppet Theater
13 Shota Rustaveli St., tel.: 224-11-25

Kyiv Young Theater
17 Prorizna St., tel.: 224-62-51, 228-85-68
Classical playwrights in new style.
Ticket prices: 3-10 hrn.

Lesya Ukrayinka Russian Drama Theatre
5 B.Khmel'nyts'koho St., tel.: 224-42-23, 224-30-61, 224-90-63
The Kyiv Russian theater with rich traditions.
Ticket prices: 6-20 hrn.

Operetta Theater
53 / 3 Chervonoarmiys'ka St., tel.: 227-26-30
Classical plays and musicals are performed here.
Ticket prices: 3-10 hrn.

Plastic Drama Theater on Pechers'k
7a Shovkovychna St., tel.: 293-92-76

Puppet-on-Strings Theater
29 / 3 Sahaydachnoho St., tel.: 417-30-58, 416-58-58
Ukrainian and world folklore-based plays are the main part of its repertoire.
Ticket prices: 3-10 hrn.

Romance Kyiv Gypsy Theater
3 Znamens'ka St., tel.: 241-87-97
Gypsy performances, concerts, plays.

Small Comic Theater
12 Bastionna St., tel.: 296-45-06
The best works of world and Ukrainian classics are performed here. They will make you laugh until you cry!
Ticket prices: 3-15 hrn.

Taras Shevchenko National Opera and Ballet Theater of Ukraine
50 Volodymyrs'ka St., 224-71-65, 224-04-24
One of the most popular European Opera houses.
Ticket prices: 2-20 hrn.

Theater of Historical Portrait
71 O.Gonchara St., tel.: 216-80-40
Ihor Shvedov's state theater, which performs out of Kyiv.

Theater on Podil
20b Andriyivs'ky St., tel.: 416-54-89, 416-54-89

Theater “Actor”
40 Velyka Zhytomyrs'ka St., tel.: 219-10-12
Its performances show contemporary problems within their philosophical context.
Ticket prices: 5-25 hrn.

Theater “Modern” (“Suzirya”)
14 Yaroslaviv Val, tel.: 212-41-88, 228-27-39
Performances of modern Ukrainian classics.
Ticket prices: 5-10 hrn.

Ukrainian Small Drama Theater
6 Prorizna St., tel.: 228-24-84
Ticket prices: 5-25 hrn.
http:// www.culture.allkiev.com.ua/small

Young People's Theater
15 / 17 Lyps'ka St., tel.: 293-54-83, 293-62-19
The best plays of Ukrainian and world literature classics for youth.
Ticket prices: 2-8 hrn.
http:// www.culture.allkiev.com.ua/tuz

“Bravo” Theater
79 Gonchara St., tel.: 216-40-22
It is a private theater, where the best actors of the country appear.
Ticket prices: 10-20 hrn.

“Harmony” Theater of International Association “Interart”
9 Tarasivs'ka St., tel.: 293-06-92
The main part of its repertoire includes musicals and concerts.
Ticket prices: 2-50 hrn.

“Stary Kyiv” Theatre
tel.: 543-8518
This theater is organized by representatives of Kyiv intellectuals.

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Lviv Opera to celebrate centennial ... in Kyiv
Israeli Zerelina at the Opera

Lviv Opera to celebrate centennial ... in Kyiv
By Steven Shaklan, Kyiv Post Staff Writer

Ivan Franko once wrote, "Didst thou but know how words with power may glow?" This month, Kyiv will celebrate the power of 100 years of opera at the Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet in the Name of Ivan Franko with a festival of words and music - even if those words are not his own.
A two-day festival at the National Opera Theater in Kyiv will kick off with a presentation of Verdi's Nabucco on Oct. 19. The following evening, an operatic gala will be held in the same venue.
Expected attendees include President Leonid Kuchma, Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko and other high-ranking members of government. The performances will be televised nationally on UT-1 and UT-2.
The Lviv Opera is part of a grand tradition of theater in Lviv. As early as the beginning of the 19th century, professional theaters hosted the operas of Mozart, Salieri and Paisiello. By the end of the century, city officials determined that there was a need for a substantial venue for opera, ballet and musical comedy. A design competition was held and the winner was Zygmunt Gorgolevsky, headmaster of the Lviv Higher Technical School.
On June 5, 1896, Gorgolewski broke ground at the head of scenic Prospekt Svobody, but not before diverting the flow of the Poltava River. Construction took more than four years, but the resulting structure - then called the Grand Municipal Theater - was well worth the wait.
While predominantly classical in design, the building is lavish without and within. The front facade is graced with renaissance and baroque ornamentation, Corinthian columns, winged statues and a towering bas relief. A wide entrance hall with multi-colored marble, gilded fixtures and a sweeping marble stairway opens onto a towering main hall. There, rows of ornately detailed spectators' boxes rise to a hand-painted ceiling and an elaborate chandelier.
Over the years, the theater has hosted elite singers from all over Europe, ballet productions, and even dramatic pieces by Nikolai Gogol, Anton Chekhov and Maxim Gorky. This season's highlights include productions of Verdi's "Aida," Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" and Puccini's "La Boheme."
With such a magnificent venue available in Lviv, one might ask why the centennial is being celebrated in Kyiv. The answer is that a planned celebration in Lviv fell through due to a lack of funding.
The Centennial Celebration Committee expected to bring in the new millennium with the premiere of a new opera titled "Moses." The committee commissioned internationally renowned Ukrainian composer Myroslav Skoryk to transform Ivan Franko's epic poem of the Jewish exodus into a fitting tribute to the theater. An international fund-raising effort was undertaken to cover the cost of the commission as well as renovations on the theater. The effort received the proverbial blessing of the world's religious community, including nods from Pope John Paul II and Yaakov D. Bleich, chief rabbi of Ukraine.
However, fund-raising efforts have fallen short. According to Walter Prochorenko, chair of the committee, the theater has only received $10,000 to $11,000 in cash donations. They expected roughly $130,000. The "Moses" opera remains unfinished and the theater remains without a much-needed lighting system.
The committee decided to fund the celebration through private donations because, as a regional theater, the Lviv Opera does not receive federal funding. According to Prochorenko, a bill has been drafted to grant the theater "national" status, a move that will hopefully free up needed funds to complete the opera. Prochorenko hopes that the bill will be approved in time for the gala in Kyiv. The premiere of Moses has been tentatively rescheduled for the spring.
Ironically, the bill that may allow for the completion of an opera based on Franko's poem will deprive the theater of his name. With its passage, the theater will be known as the Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet in the Name of Solomea Krushelnytska. The official explanation for the change is that Franko was a poet and scholar, whereas the latter was a noted singer, and hence more relevant to theater.
However, Prochorenko confides that the move may have more to do with Franko's perceived association with the Soviet regime. This perception is highly debatable as many consider Franko second only to Taras Shevchenko in terms of Ukrainian nationalist sentiment. Franko was one of the most prolific writers of the early 20th century, producing more than 6,000 pieces of fiction and research, including tracts full of vigorous praise for his countryman Shevchenko.
Franko's poem "Moses" was chosen in part because of its strong allegorical message of Ukrainian freedom. In its opening stanzas, it proclaims the values of "beauty, healing, and liberation." As Prochorenko says, "He (Moses) is the prophet who led his people out of bondage ... . Ukrainians feel they will need about 40 years until they are really taken out of their slavery under Soviet control."
Moses' desire to lead his people from bondage reflects Franko's own longing to salvage his people, a message committee members considered a necessary inspiration in these difficult times.
But the verses sung on Oct. 19 will not be Franko's, but Verdi's, and by the time of the Moses premiere, the theater may no longer bear his name.

Israeli Zerelina at the Opera
By Steven Shaklan, Kyiv Post Staff Writer

well-known Israeli mezzo soprano, Karin Kaspi, will sing Zerelina in the National Opera's production of Don Juan on 21 October. Now famous for her performance of 'Ceburino' in Rossini's Marriage of Figaro and Carmen, Kaspi graduated from San Francisco Musical Academy, and is still studying at Curtis Musical Institute in Philadelphia. The singer is currently touring USA, Israel and Europe, although this will be her first visit to Ukraine. The visit is being organised by the Israeli Embassy and promises to attract many classical music lovers. "Kaspi's voice is thrilling, you can almost feel the emotion that her voice expresses," wrote the Philadelphia Inquirer after one of her concerts. Tickets are already on sale, so call the Opera on 229-1169 for information.

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