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Admiral" escalope, "Zombie", "Sex on the beach
26 Kostyantynivska. Tel: 417-6658.
Open Wed. to Sun. 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Money- 3
Used to be the most popular ex-pat club in Kyiv. But now it's under new management and has lost some of its appeal. With the coming of winter, you might welcome the hot, sweaty - un-airconditioned - atmosphere. But the offerings of jazz band, disco and billiards remain.

26 / 2 Harmatna St., tel.: 441-44-32
Open: 6 pm.–6 am.
This entertainment complex is known as the first gay club in Kyiv.

112 Peremohy St., tel.: 444-25-55

”краинские 100x100

Nightclub: live music, dancing hall, bowling, slot machines, casino, bar, parking.
Open: 9 pm. – 6 am.
If the advertisements for mobile phones in the giant dancehall strike you as tasteless, you can always avoid the blatant consumerism by throwing away your money in the casino. Packs 'em in when it draws big-name performers; often empty when it doesn't.
Money- 3

3 Leontovycha St., tel.: 234-03-47, 228-28-84
Nightclub, casino, disco: roulette, striptease, billiards, restaurant, slot machines, bar, live music, black jack, poker, parking, Caribbean poker, American roulette, variety show.
Open: 5 pm – 6 am.
Entrance fee: free admission.
MasterCard / EuroCard, Visa, American Express support.
This entertainment complex consists of the City Casino, patisserie Bon-Bon, a night club, a restaurant. Enjoy its friendly atmosphere!

12 Hospital'na St., President Hotel Kyivsky, tel.: 294-30-06
Nightclub: striptease, bar, parking.
Open: 9 pm. – 7 am.
Entrance fee: 100 Hrn. (weekends: free for ladies).
Visa, MasterCard / EuroCard, Cirrus, Maestro support.
This club offers one of the best strip-shows in the city, these beauties are worth seeing!

4 Kominternu St., tel.: 244-42-90
Nightclub, disco: striptease, restaurant, bar, live music, parking.
Open: 6 pm – till last customer.
No entrance fee (Fr, Sa: club cards only).
Visa, MasterCard / EuroCard support.
This hot ex-pat Latino night spots is always packed on weekends. Dancing is reasonably dirty and the crowd stays pretty sauced. The absence of striptease and "show-programa" earn this club extra points as does the small cozy patio.
Get in Caribbean mood! Try Caribbean food, dance Caribbean style, think Caribbean. Enjoy its tropical atmosphere!

3 Okipnoyi St., tel: 517-41-48.
Open 6 p.m. – 6 a.m.
The most comprehensive lap dance in Kyiv, if not in Europe. Men with heart problems are well-advised to stay far, far away. Oh yeah, there's a disco too, but people sightings there are a rarity. Chicago knows where it makes its money - one $20 bill at a time.

1 Entuziastiv St. tel: 555-06-41.
Open midnight to 6 a.m.
It is a mystery why there are so many clubs far from Kyiv's center, but perhaps this club can give some insight. The further out you go, the more space there is to park your late-model Mercedes. They put on dance and erotic shows that leave much to your imagination. Big dance floor.

24 Artema St., tel: 216-31-98.
Open noon until 5 a.m.
This cozy place has all the makings of a spicy Latin club: Latin dancers, Southern music and, best of all, tequila shooters. Prices steep, but the club provides a nice change for those weary of dancing techno with teens.

3 Hrushevs'koho St., tel.: 229-38-84, 229-62-29
Casino, club, disco: striptease, restaurant, slot machines, bar, live music, black jack, poker, parking.
Open: 8 pm – 6 am (day off – Monday).
Entrance tee: Fr, Sa: women – 60 Hrn., men – 80 Hrn.; Su, Th: women – 40 Hrn, men – 60 Hrn.
MasterCard / EuroCard, Visa, American Express support.
One of the most fashionable clubs in the city, a big entertainment complex that offers a lot of high-quality services. It combines the best restaurant and club traditions. Night shows are regularly held here. You will find a merry disco and stylish public here. This club is quite popular among Kyiv's expats too!

34 Lesi Ukrainky Blvd., tel.: 295-49-97, 296-94-97
Billiards, slot machines, bar, parking.
76 Chervonoarmiys'ka St., tel.: 227-53-15, 220-67-14
Billiards, slot machines, bar, parking.
Open 24 hours.
No entrance fee.
A lot of slot machines and pool tables available. A cozy bar offers tasty pizzas, sandwiches and drinks.

30-a Lesi Ukrayinky Blvd., tel.: 295-90-81, 295-52-00
Nightclub, disco, casino: roulette, striptease, restaurant, bar, slot machines, black jack, poker, parking.
Open: casino – 24 hours, restaurant – 11am-6 am.
Strip-bar entrance fee: 20 Hrn.
Visa, MasterCard / EuroCard support.
Proof that great location does not guarantee success. They did it up nicely, kept the music kosher and the staff well-groomed. But somehow customers are never in the place. Pretty good for private parties, but don't go looking for new friends here.

115 Gorkoho. Tel: 269-4029.
Open Sun.-Thurs. 11 a.m. to 11 p.m, Fri.-Sat. 11 a.m. to 6 a.m.
Joining the growing ranks of Mexican themed establishments, this small disco-restaurant invites you to shake your maracas in the unlikely setting of Volodymryska Market. Just follow the giant sombrero. But be careful, hombre, the drink prices are moi grande and the entry fee even more so.

12 Hospital'na St., tel.: 220-19-78, 294-30-48
Casino: roulette, slot machines, bar, billiards, black jack, poker, parking.
Open: 6 pm – 6 am.
No entrance fee.MasterCard / EuroCard, Visa, American Express, Maestro, Visa Electron, Cirrus, support.
It is one of the top casinos of Kyiv. Kyiv's guests like it for its high level services and comfort. If you are a gambler, you definitely have to visit this club. We wish you good luck!

1/2 Khreschatyk St., tel.: 228-88-21, 229-42-82
Casino: roulette, slot machines, bar, black jack, poker, parking.
Open: round-the-clock.
Entrance fee: free admission.
MasterCard / EuroCard, Visa, Maestro, Visa Electron support.
Gambling atmosphere and hospitable personnel are one of the attractions for its permanent clients. All the gamblers are offered a free bar.

12 Hospitalna. Open noon to 6 a.m. Tel: 247-8651.
This club is not advised for short people, or anyone who has image issues. But if you are convinced you can pass through the toughest face control in town, Harley Club is a great place for you to hang out with kindred spirits.
134 Frunze St., tel.: 468-40-68
Nightclub, disco, casino, restaurant: roulette, striptease, live music, billiards, bar, slot machines, black jack, poker, parking.
Open: We-Su: 21 pm.- 6 am.
Entrance fee: We, Su – 30 Hrn., Th (after 11 pm) – 50 Hrn., Fr – 50 Hrn., Sa – 60 Hrn.
Visa, MasterCard / EuroCard, Visa Electron support.
A real Hollywood in the city! There are myriads of stars on the club's stage, masterpieces in its menu! Hollywood offers many interesting show programs to its visitors. Enjoy your time here!

42 / 80 Saksahans'koho St., tel.: 246-62-76
Casino: striptease, restaurant, bar, parking.
Open: 4 pm.-6 am.
Entrance fee: free admission (show – 50 Hrn.)
MasterCard / EuroCard, Visa, Maestro support.
This club holds erotic shows every night. Small restaurant and bar with special light effects for holding strip events here are available.

(Tourist" Hotel), tel.: 516-86-74, 516-88-06
Nightclub, casino, disco: roulette, striptease, billiards, restaurant, bar, live music, black jack, poker, parking, private hall.
Open: 24 hours.
Entrance fee: free admission.
MasterCard / EuroCard, Visa, Electron support.
The point at Joss is variety. Where else can you find a Japanese restaurant, a British pub and a place to dance, all under the same roof? And because this Left Bank establishment is seldom crowded, you'll have no problem checking out each of them. Don't worry about hassling with taxis for the trip over the river - the Livoberezhna metro is right there.

Kino Club
93 Artema St., tel: 219-49-03.
Open 24 hours.
Low-budget club, once you've paid the cover charge. They aspire to be a sports bar specializing in Dynamo games. On weekends, it is a prime venue for hearing amateur DJs practice. Bring your own vinyl to ruin, and they might even let you have a try.

4 Rohnidyns'ka St., tel.: 220-02-16
Casino, cafe, bar: bar, live music, billiards, black jack, poker, roulette, parking.
Open: 24 hours. Entrance fee: free admission.
Master card/Euro Card, Visa, American Express, Maestro support.
Club consists of halls and a summer terrace. Lotteries are permanently held here. Free bar for club's permanent clients is offered.

12 Hospital'na St., tel./fax: 220-19-78

37 / 41 Artema St., tel.: 246-95-29
Open: 24 hours.
Since when did a bowling alley look like a set from Scarface? Since they built Mirage. Shiny floors, shiny doors and mirrors everywhere. Get tired of bowling? Head to the strip bar or the casino. Don't dress down or they'll boot you out of there.

105 Saksahans'koho St., tel.: 227-53-87
Casino, club: roulette, striptease, billiards, restaurant, slot machines, bar, parking.
Open 5 pm.-6 am.
Entrance fee: free admission.
MasterCard / EuroCard, Visa, Prestige Card, Capital Club, Visa Elektron, American Express, Maestro support.

2 Perova St. (metro Darnytsya), tel: 558-2545.
Open 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.
The sign on the entrance says that teen-agers under 18 are not allowed, but it's hard to imagine any rule anywhere being so blatantly ignored. The design is rather poor, music is techno and Russian pop. Yet there is no better place in Kyiv to meet a bunch of school girls (except for a school, of course).

19 Shota Rustaveli St., tel.: 221-52-98
Not a bad place to go after checking out a flick at Kinopanorama. Good dance music, and its periodic shows are reputed to involve a king-sized bed.

51 / 53 Volodymyrs'ka St., tel.: 228-28-36
Casino, snack-bar: roulette, billiards, bar, slot machines, black jack, poker.
Open: noon – 5 am.; casino: 8 pm. – 5 am.
Entrance fee: free admission.
MasterCard / EuroCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro support.
This cozy casino is located in front of Kyiv's Opera House. You can either play games or tempt you fate in the casino.

47 Mayakovskogo St., tel.: 515-03-22, fax: 515-03-20

18 Metalistiv St., tel.: 446-12-48
Night club, disco: billiards, bar, striptease, live music, parking.
Open: 9 p.m. till last customer.
Entrance fee: women – 10 Hrn., men – 20 Hrn. (free admission for foreigners with identity cards).
It is a unique club decorated in a Soviet industrial style. Its personnel is dressed in military uniforms, its restaurant serves traditional dishes of Soviet canteens. It can be an original dive into Soviet era for foreigners. Everything here reminds you of Soviet times: newspapers, interior, military machinery, trucks. All these things will make you feel in Soviet Union!

Night club: billiards, casino, disco, restaurant, patio, strip-bar, variety, free guarded parking lot.
24 Peremohy St., tel.: 274-09-53 Open 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.
You will find a very respectable public here: Ukrainian sportsmen, TV stars, politicians, and pop singers. Interesting show programs are offered to its visitors. If you want try your luck in the casino, you will be presented a delicious dinner!

Casino, free guarded parking lot.
27a Khreshchatyk St., tel./fax: 228-67-46

3 Zheleznyaka St., tel.: 444-81-50, fax: 444-73-70
Night club, disco, restaurant: restaurant, bar, striptease, billiards, parking.
Open: 24 hours, bar: 5 pm. – 6 am.
Entrance fee: Su-Th: 20 Hrn.; Fr, Sa: 30 Hrn.
MasterCard / EuroCard, Visa support.
Its personnel will do their best for you to relax and enjoy your time! Erotic shows, nice music, restaurant with European cuisine, saunas and private rooms, Russian billiards are at your service!

Naberezhne Shose, near the Dnipro metro station
tel.: 416-82-04, fax: 416-89-74
Nightclub, casino, disco, restaurant: roulette, restaurant, slot machines, black jack, poker, bar, live music, parking.
Open: 3 pm. – 8 am.
Entrance fee: Su-Th: women – 20 Hrn., men – 40 Hrn.; Th, We (till 11:00 pm): women – free admission; Fr, Sa: women – 30 Hrn., men – 60 Hrn.
MasterCard / EuroCard, Visa, American Express, Maestro support.
This night club is located on a ship moored near Metro bridge. Try the dishes of the French cuisine catered here, enjoy drinks, live music and modern hits in the English pub – have fun!

11a Sichnevoho Povstannya St., tel.: 290-31-33
Casino: roulette, slot machines, bar, black jack, poker, parking.
Open: 24 hours.
Entrance fee: free admission.
MasterCard / EuroCard, Visa, Maestro support.
This casino stands out against the rest of similar enterprises with its kind personnel, pleasant music, hearty atmosphere.

26 Perova Blvd., tel./fax: 514-39-72
Billiards club, music, parking
Open: 24 hours
Entrance fee: free.

15 Khreschatyk St., tel.: 228-55-77, 228-21-82
Restaurant, disco club: restaurant, bar, live music.
Open: restaurant: 10 am.-11 pm., club: 1 pm. – till the last customer.
Entrance fee: free admission (concerts – 10-20 Hrn.)
MasterCard / EuroCard, Visa support.
This fast food restaurant serves dishes of American, Tex-Mex, European and Asian cuisines. It includes a blues club too, so you can enjoy both – food and live music – at once. Also different shows, presentations, meetings and parties, social events are usually held here.

10 Spas'ka St., tel.: 417-60-02
Night club

23-b Chervonoarmiys'ka St., tel.: 224-71-77
Night club

6 Prorizna St., tel.: 228-58-77, 235-61-29, fax: 228-10-64
Casino, disco, restaurant: roulette, restaurant, bar, striptease, black jack, poker, parking, billiards.
Open: casino: 24 hours, restaurant: noon-midnight, dancing hall: Fr, Sa: after 10 pm., strip-bar: Su, Th: after 9 pm., sport-bar after 2 pm.
Entrance fee: free admission, dancing-bar: 30 Hrn., strip-bar: 10 Hrn.
MasterCard / EuroCard, Visa, Maestro support.
Its strip-bar offers a male striptease, as well as a female one. In the sports bar you can keep up with sports taking part in discussions, watching direct broadcasts of sports events, or making bets. In the dancing hall you can enjoy Latin-American and Spanish music.

84 Peremohy Av., tel.: 442-02-00, 442-64-64
Bowling club: billiards, restaurant, slot machines, bar.
Open: Mon. to Thurs. 5 p.m. to 3 a.m., Fri. 2 p.m. to 4 a.m., Sat. 11 a.m. to 4 a.m., Sun. 11 a.m. to 3 a.m.
Entrance fee: 15 Hrn.
MasterCard / EuroCard, Visa support.
Bowling? A lower class sport played by fat auto workers in dumb leagues and silly shirts, right? Not in Kyiv, where only the rich and wealthy bowl in this state-of-the-art center: biznesmeny, ex-pats, and their slick girlfriends. Also features a fake garden and about 10 pool tables

This was the hottest gay club in Kyiv when it opened last summer with an absolutely fabulous Marilyn Monroe impersonator. Then the club closed. Now it's open again, but it's having a hard time regaining its following. Great place to dance if you're in the mood for Alla Pugachyova or Abba.
3 Kutuzova St., tel: 573-8848.
Open Tue. through Sun. 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
36A Shchorsa St., tel.: 269-27-75
Open: 11 pm.-6 am.
Night club: disco, bar, billiards, computer games hall.
Entrance fee: club cards with 100% discount during a year ($60), discount flyers.
Credit cards support.
Ultra hip. Ultra techno. Ultra young. If you're too old for that sort of thing, there's a couple of billiards tables.

Irpen', 15 Gryboyedova St., tel.: (297) 57-509
Night club: guarded parking lot, 2 dancing halls, strip-bar, disco, variety shows, casino, billiards, slot machines.
Open: Th-Su – 9 pm. – 6 am., Mo-We – 12 am.–till the last customer.
Hot girls in its strip-bar, perfect light and sound equipment, fantastic shows on Saturdays and Sundays, business lunch (12 am. – 5 pm.). If you like exotics, it's a right place for you to spend time at. You will definitely enjoy the club's atmosphere!

http://www.zair.kiev.ua info@zair.kiev.ua

27a Sahaydachnoho St., tel.: 416-45-08
Casino: roulette, slot machines, bar, black jack, poker, parking, restaurant.
Open: 24 hours.
Entrance fee: free admission.
MasterCard / EuroCard, Visa support.
A very respectable establishment with good cuisine catered here and live atmosphere.

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