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  The gallery "L-Art" is located at the very beginning of Andriyivs'ky Uzviz in Kyiv. We can definitely say that the gallery has become a center of collecting Socialist Realism works. Here you can find hundreds of the best paintings from the Soviet period that represent al the genres and regions of Ukraine.

This art tend has existed for a relatively short period. European collectors know about this fact, that is why, actually, their interest in paintings of Soviet period increases every day, proportionately to its prices.
The main distinguishing feature of this art trend is that it was patronized by the Soviet state, and the works of Socialist Realism period were made to the state's order. The task of the art of those times was to create an ideal image of the future and to enhance people to work harder and be socially active. While the whole world changed and developed, the Soviet Union remained an oasis, where realism traditions preserved.
  Nevertheless, "L-Art" does not set aside modern painters and modern art to maintain the tie of the times. Monthly modern shows are usually kept here, where the best works of modern Ukrainian artists are represented. It is no wonder that these expositions attract foreign critics' and visitors' attention.

This gallery has gained its prestige already, and is well-known in Ukraine and abroad for its professional approach to the art. Each customer will meet a friendly advice on any related questions or consultation of its hostess Lyudmyla Bereznyts'ka, who is an art-critic and culture expert by profession. You will not find a casual picture in this gallery: everything is selected according to professional requirements of specialized galleries. Here you for sure will find a picture to your liking for your collection.
  For more information please contact:
L-Art, 2b Andriyivs'ky Uzviz St.,
Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel.: (044) 416-03-20
  It is not even a gallery, it is a warm home. The mistress of the gallery will meet you with her hearty welcoming smile and will warm you up with a cup of hot tea. You will feel at ease discussing the latest news of Ukrainian cultural life with the gallery's professional multi-lingual staff, who is specialized in Ukrainian art history or consulting on art issues. Meanwhile don't forget to enjoy ARTEast's exquisite interior and warm atmosphere. The Gallery's goal is to popularise contemporary Ukrainian art in Ukraine and abroad. ARTEast represents the top Ukrainian artists' works of different art trends. You will easily find samples of ceramics, graphics, wooden works, earthenware, leather goods, and lots more here - almost

  everything that can refer to an "Art". But above all, you be surprised with works of young talented artists. Last year, except traditional exhibitions, ARTEast introduced some unusual events, such as auctions and master classes of painting. The Gallery is very proud of its location in a building of a former XIX-century ballet and opera school, a building of a great historical and cultural value. The school itself was considered to be the centre of Kyiv's cultural life. It comes out that gorgeous traditions of giving beauty to people are maintained through ages.
  For more information please contact:
ARTEast, 13 Reytars'ka St.,
Kyiv, Ukraine
tel./fax: (380 44) 229-65-52 e-mail:

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  An exhibition "BARVY NARODNOHO MYSTETSTVA" (Colors of National Art) took place on September 28, 2000 in the Kyevo-Pecherska Lavra Reserve on its 74th anniversary.
  There was 61 displays located in three halls. The collection of creations of art dates from middle 17-th till 20-th century; they have been delivered from various places and regions in Ukraine from Volyn and Galychyna to Kyivschyna and Poltavschyna. Mostly they are: folk icons, musical instruments, and examples of religious wood engraving. The most representing exhibits are icons that appear to be images and figures from the Gospel parables as well as interpretation of the concept of the Blessed Virgin. There are about 40 icons to be exposed. Other objects of spiritual Ukrainian culture skilfully engraved out of woof by folk experts such as numerous crosses, candleholders and icons pieces are worth of attention. Using the forms of withe (loza) is dominating here. Accompanying the exhibition of national ceremonies with the play of Ukrainian music instruments may be

  commented the same positive way. They have been kindly offered by the State museum of theatre, music and cinema art of Ukraine. That's obvious thing though that in the temple itself during the Orthodox Church service no music instruments will be heard. Instead one will be hear chore-a-capella. The present collection of creations of folk art is a firm proof that folk traditions are still preciously kept up, are alive and continue to exist, forming noticeable influence on church ceremonies and professional art in Ukraine. The exhibition "BARVY NARODNOGO MYSTEZTVA" has its own catalog. It will be open during three days without days off.
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  Art Galleries in Kyiv
Andriyivs'ky Uzviz Exhibition Hall (Kyiv)
3 Andriyivs'ky Uzviz St., tel.: 416-20-67
Open: 11.00-17.00
Entrance fee: 1-2 hrn.
Exhibition of Ukrainian paintings and drawings.
Aquarel (Kyiv)
6 Kostyol'na St., tel.: 229-14-38
Open: 12.00-18.30, Sa, Su - 12.00-17.00
Closed: Mo
Paintings of Ukrainian, Russian, American artists (different genres)

ARTEast (Kyiv)
13 Reytars'ka St., tel./fax: 229-65-52
Open: 11.00-19.00
Paintings of Ukrainian artists (classic, realism, avant-garde)
Artists' Union Exhibition Hall (Kyiv)
12 Chervonoarmiys'ka St., tel.: 224-40-06
Open: 11.00-19.00
Closed: Su
Paintings of Ukrainian artists

Artists' Union Gallery (Kyiv)
1-5 Artema St., tel.: 212-05-35
Open: 11.00-19.00
Closed: Tu
Exhibitions of Ukrainian artists

Atelier Karas' (Kyiv)
22a Andriyivs'ky Uzviz St.
tel.: 416-02-47, tel./fax: 238-65-31
Open: 10.00-18.00
Paintings of modern Ukrainian artists
Center for Contemporary Art (Soros) (Kyiv)
2 Skovorody St.
tel.: 238-24-46, fax: 238-24-48
Free entrance
Exhibitions of famous Ukrainian and foreign artists, sculptors, graphic artists, photographers.

Drevny Kyiv (Ancient Kyiv) (Kyiv)
5 Andriyivs'ky Uzviz St., tel.: 416-13-20, 416-20-55

French Cultural Centre (Kyiv)
194 Horkoho St., tel.: 269-27-59

Gallery 36 (Kyiv)
36 Andriyivs'ky Uzviz St., tel.: 228-29-85
Open: 11.00-18.00
Closed: Mo
Exhibitins of Ukrainian, Russian, European artists (paintings, sculptures)

Griffin (Kyiv)
6 Kostyol'na St., 464-10-84
Open: 11.00-19.00, closed: Mo
Paintings of Ukrainian and Russian artists

Honchari (Kyiv)
10a Andriyivs'ki Uzviz St., tel.: 416-12-98
Open: 10.00-19.00
Ceramics of Ukrainian artists

House of Ivan Kavaleridze (Kyiv)
21 Andriyivs'ky Uzviz St., tel.: 416-33-97, 416-03-89
Open: 11.00-17.30, closed: Mo
Entrance fee: 0,5-1 hrn.

Irena Art Gallery (Kyiv)
35 Artema St., tel.: 244-74-93
Open: 11.00-18.30
Paintings of modern Ukrainian artists
Kyiv University Gallery (Kyiv)
60 Volodymyrs'ka St. (red building), tel.: 221-03-33
Open: 11.00-17.00, closed: Sa, Su
Free entrance

L-Art (Kyiv)
2b Andriyivs'ky Uzviz St., tel.: 416-03-20
Open: 11.00-20.00, closed: Mo
Paintings of Soviet social realism artists (1950-1970)

Lada Plus (Kyiv)
12 Horodets'koho St., tel.: 229-12-81
Open: 10.00-19.00, Sa: 10.00-18.00, Su: 11.00-16.00
Exhibition of bronze sculptures, paintings

Maysternya (Kyiv)
1-5 Artema St., tel.: 212-05-82
Open: 11.00-19.00, closed: Tu

Olimp Gallery (Kyiv)
37 Chervonoarmiys'ka St., tel.: 227-55-59
Open: 10.00-19.00, Sa: 10.00-18.00, Su: 11.00-17.00

Persona (Kyiv)
57/3 Chervonoarmiys'ka St., tel.: 246-67-67
Open: 10.00-18.00
Exhibition hall

Picture Gallery (Kyiv)
6 Revuts'koho St., tel.: 564-99-93
Open:10-18, break:13-14
Paintings of Ukrainian and Russian artists

Podol-Fortuna Salon (Kyiv)
19a-b Andriyivs'ky Uzviz St., tel.: 416-43-70
Open: 10.30-18.00
Paintings of Ukrainian artists-realists.

RA Gallery (Kyiv)
32 B.Khmel'nyts'koho St., tel.: 235-36-19
Open: 11.00-19.00
Paintings, drawings, sculptures of Ukrainian artists

Rembrandt (Kyiv)
12b Chervonoarmiys'ka St., tel.: 224-40-06
Open: 11.00-19.00
Exhibitions of Ukrainian and Russian artists

Ridna Khata (Kyiv)
6 Kostyol'na St., tel.: 228-86-15
Open: 13.00-16.00
Permanent exhibition of authentic Ukrainian national clothes (19-20 centuries)

Russian Art Museum (Kyiv)
9 Tereshchenkivs'ka St., tel.: 224-62-18
Open: 10.00-17.00, closed: We, Th

SoviArt (Kyiv)
11 Kostyol'na St., tel.: 229-61-57, 229-62-40
Open: 10.00-18.00, closed: Su, Mo
Exhibition of paintings, sculptures of Ukrainian artists

Tadzio (Kyiv)
10a Andriyivs'ky Uzviz St., second floor,
tel.: 416-12-97
Open: 12.00-19.00

Triptych (Kyiv)
34 Andriyivs'ky Uzviz St., tel.: 229-07-59