Dance Magic by Olena Filip'eva

When words fail... what is left? A look, a gesture, music?
Words deceive, while the eyes, hands, and heart never do...

   Learning this simple truth, another youngster dons her toe shoes and approaches the bar for the first time... From this very moment, if she has enough will and desire, she will start shaping her body several hours a day... Years will pass and one day she will emerge before the admiring eyes of spectators under the stage lights and give a performance of the most sophisticated and efficient of instruments - a solo of the human body.
   The career of Olena Filip'eva, the prima ballerina of the Kyiv National Opera House has been marvellous, indeed, and tells much like a fairytale. At just 23 years old and already holding the title of People's Artist of Ukraine., she performs the leading role in all ballets staged in the Kyiv Opera House.