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  Atlantic Group
Atlantic Group owns a range of companies that can produce marketing plans, develop communication strategies and implement them.
Atlantic Group prides itself on leading the market in servicing the needs of companies ranging in size from local start-ups to the world's largest multinationals working in the region
Foreign languages: English.
ACNIELSEN UKRAINE Ivana Lepse blvd., Silver Center, 4th fl. Tel.: (044) 241-69-20. Fax: (044) 241-69-10. E-mail: ACNielsen.UA@Ukraine.ACNielsen.com.ua
Research areas: business, other.
Research fields: FMCG, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, consumer behavior, market mapping, product development, marketing mix, advertising.
Research areas of specialization: Retail audit, open market audit, price and distribution checks, merchandising/promotion surveys, retail census, consumer research, business-to-business studies.
Methodology: Watchbuilder international standarts of retail audit, face-to-face interviews, focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, Omnibus.
Foreign languages: English.
  AGB UKRAINE 7 Holosiyivs'ka str. Tel.: (044) 201-10-90.
Research areas: business.
Research fields: television.
Research areas of specialization: TV rating.
Methodology: people-metric panel.
Foreign languages: English.
  AVILA 5 Solomens'ka str., #423. Tel.: (044) 271-46-50, 246-36-72.
Research areas: business.
Research fields: consumer goods.
Research areas of specialization: consumer interviews.
Methodology: interviews in the Internet.
Foreign languages: English.
  CONSUMER INSIGHTS UKRAINE 3 Tolstoho str. Tel./Fax: (044) 235-12-30, 224-70-03. E-mail: lbabitch@agl.com.ua
Research areas: business, political, social, other.
Research fields: Consumer goods (food and non-food), advertising and mass media, communication means, public opinion.
Research areas of specialization: Marketing research of consumer behavior, expert surveys, concept/product/advertising materials testing, Omnibus study.
Methodology: Individual interviews, focus groups discussions, in-depth interviews, questionnaires, observation, etc.
Foreign languages: English, French.
  GFK-USM (Ukrainian Surveys and Market Research) 34 Lesi Ukrainky blvd., 6th fl., #601. Tel.: (044) 461-98-61, 294-65-58, 294-90-56. Fax: (044) 295-52-83.
Research areas: business, political, social, consumption advert., media.
Research fields: FMCG, durables, telecom, media, advertising, product development, marketing strategy, pharmaceuticals, fragrances, sociology, and political topics.
Research areas of specialization: U and A, brand image, market shares, concept and product tests, market trends, optimal price analysis, advertising perception, business-to-business.
Methodology: Focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, face-to-face interviews, telephone surveys, POS interviews, Omnibus, tracking study, consumer panel, content analysis.
Foreign languages: English, German, French, Polish.
  INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING GROUP 48 Gorkoho str., 4th fl. Tel./Fax: (044) 248-72-14. E-mail: consult@akcecc.kiev.ua
Research areas: business, social.
Research fields: Agriculture, food, light, and processing industries, services, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, mass media, etc.
Research areas of specialization: Retail and wholesale trade, consumer behavior, production and consumption volumes, marketing strategy development, business-planning, development and implementation of investment projects.
Methodology: Quantitative and qualitative marketing research, individual, in-depth, and focus group interviews.
Foreign languages: English.
  IRISA 60a Vozdvyzhenka str. Tel.: (044) 463-58-68.
Research areas: any.
Research fields: any.
Research areas of specialization: any.
Methodology: Quantitative, qualitative.
Foreign languages: English.
  LAD 1 Mahnitohirs'ka str. Tel.: (044) 551-51-51, 551-51-67, 551-50-25.
Research areas: any.
Research fields: any.
Research areas of specialization: --
Methodology: telephone surveys, etc..
Foreign languages: --
  OBRIY MARKETING 3 Solomyans'ka str. Tel.: (044) 276-76-20, 276-76-40. Fax: (044) 268-70-68. E-mail: mmaster@obriy.ru.kiev.ua
Research areas: business, political, social, other.
Research fields: FMCG, mass media, pharmaceuticals, office equipment.
Research areas of specialization: Market research, consumer research, distribution and retail research, communications and packaging, postitioning, segmentation, creative works, marketing strategy development.
Methodology: Personal interviews, focus groups, observations, monitoring, tracking studies, analysis of statistical materials.
Foreign languages: English.
  PARADIGM CONSULTING GROUP 9a Anri Barbyusa str., #414, 415. Tel./Fax: (044) 227-81-53. E-mail: paradigm@akcecc.kiev.ua
Research areas: business, political, social, other.
Research fields: Automotive market, lubricants, chemicals, FMCG, electronics, telecoms, energy, socialogy, industrial goods.
Research areas of specialization: Market audit, consumer behavior, marketing strategy development, advertising perception, business planning, project development.
Methodology: Quantitive interviewing, mail surveys, mail panel telephone surveys, personal in surveys, mall-intercept interviewing, diary panel.
Foreign languages: English, French.
  PROJECT CONSULTING GROUP 32 Pushkins'ka str. Tel.: (044) 229-31-69, 229-83-50. Fax: (044) 228-78-33. E-mail: pcg@pcg.kiev.ua
Research areas: business, political, social, other.
Research fields: Real estates surveys, agricultural business, medical service, retailing, air cargo, consumer and industrial goods, telecommunications, sociology, energy.
Research areas of specialization: Market research, market strategy development, business and strategy planning, investment project development and implementation, prepaid finance activity.
Methodology: Diagnostics, supply and demand investigation, personal interviews, focus groups, analysis, monitoring.
Foreign languages: English, Italian, German.
  PULSE 10/8 Marshala Rybalky str. Tel.: (044) 236-47-54.
Research areas: customer goods (food)
Research fields: --
Research areas of specialization:
Methodology: interview, monitoring.
Foreign languages: English.
  SC 'DOM' 5b Baseyna str., #1. Tel./Fax: (044) 225-33-72, 466-14-22, 224-70-03. E-mail: scdom@carrier.kiev.ua
Research areas: business.Research fields: Consumer marketing, top-business surveys, media monitoring and clipping (print media), advertising and psychological research.
Research areas of specialization: Brand promotion and support programs, informational support of advertising campaigns, special complex programs, corporate image research.
Methodology: Quantitative, qualitative, statistical and psychological methods, print media monitoring.
Foreign languages: English.
  SOCIS-GALLUP INTERNATIONAL 31 Zhylyans'ka str., 5th fl. Tel.: (044) 220-68-83, 220-52-81. Fax.: (044) 228-22-97. E-mail: anton@socis.kiev.ua
Research areas: business, political, social.
Research fields: FMCG, industrial goods, telecommunications, cosmetics, household goods, medicine, sociology and politics, mass media, insurance.
Research areas of specialization: Advertising (concepts, tests, efficiency), brands, prices, strategies, consumer behavior, market development prognosis.
Methodology: Quality (focus groups, in-depth interviews, expert interviews) and quantity (business interviews, express, telephone surveys, testing), stock-check.
Foreign languages: English, German.
  UKRAINE MARKET DATA 11 Mykhaylivs'ka str., 4th fl. Tel.: (044) 464-02-07. Fax: (044) 464-02-31.
Research areas: business, social, other.
Research fields: Consumer products.
Research areas of specialization: Population surveys, face-to-face interviews, industry sector studies.
Methodology: Western-style survey methods, American Marketing Association standarts.
Foreign languages: English, Italian.
  UKRAINIAN MEDIA PANEL 5 Solomyans'ka str., #315, 307. Tel.: (044) 245-09-99. Fax: (044) 244-00-68.
Research areas: business, political, social, mass media, advertising.
Research fields: FMCG, household equipment, telecom, advertising, mass media products, public opinion.
Research areas of specialization: DEAR - Direct Evaluation of Audience Reaction (pre-test advertising materials).
Methodology: Quantitative and qualitative surveys, DEAR system to pre-test any type of video or/and audio material in real-time.
Foreign languages: English.
  UKRBUSINESS-CONSULTING 35 Predslavyns'ka str. Tel.: (044) 261-97-37.
Research areas: business.
Research fields: food, light industry.
Research areas of specialization: business-planning, compatitivity, marketing strategy.
Methodology: --.
Foreign languages: English.
  UKRPROMZOVNISHEXPERTISE 73 Artema str., #1010. Tel.: (044) 216-33-16.
Research areas: business.
Research fields: industrial, chemical, agriculture commodities, equipment, raw materials etc.
Research areas of specialization:developing of business-plans according to world's financial institutions, making of marketing parts of investment projects, consulting services, different information support.
Methodology: --
Foreign languages: English.
  UMG (UKRAINIAN MARKETING GROUP) 66b Chervonoarmiys'ka str. Tel.: (044) 220-85-45, 220-57-24. Fax: (044) 220-56-43.
Research areas: business, political, social, other.
Research fields: Consumer goods (FMCG durables), fast food, telecommunications, Internet, mass media and advertisi
  VELGARD 41 Harmatna str. Tel.: (044) 241-80-88.
Research areas: any.
Research fields: any.
Research areas of specialization: --
Methodology: Quantitative and qualitative.
Foreign languages:

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