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  Juice Processing Draws Major Investor
A German company "Yanke" intends to invest about $10 million in the building of a huge juice producing plant in Ternopil, reported an official of food processing industry board at the Ternopil state administration.
  Zaporizhya Aluminum Plant To Be Sold
Oleksander Bondar, the chairman of State Property Fund, reported to media that tender for 68,01% of shares in Zaporizhia Aluminum Plant had been announced. There are 8 companies that applied for the tender. Among which 5 companies are Ukrainian and 3 Russian. Applications for the tender were submitted by the following companies: Ukrainian Industry-Investment company "Metallurgy", JSC "Foreign Trade Company KraZ, closed corporation "Itera-Ukraine", JSC "Frunze Non-Profit Company of Sumy", Russian "Brotherhood Aluminum Plant", closed corporation "AvtoVAZ-Invest", and JSC "Siberian Aluminum"    ....>>
Volume and production dynamics of commodity output
The table include data about volumes and of growth of production on industrial complexes of State Committee of industrial policy of Ukraine in September and from the beginning of the year.
The Ukrainian newspaper "Zerkalo Nedeli" has analysed trends in Ukraine's foregn trade, the structure of the country's imports and exports and prospects for expanding trade. According to the paper, as a fledgling state, Ukraine was at a big disadvantage when it it made its first attempts to win foreign markets, which was evidenced by shrinking trade, especially with such traditional partners as CIS countries. The newspaper cited a world financial crisis, internal economic reasons, stiff competition, the reluctance of the world's greatest trading nations to give Ukraine access to their markets as the main reasons for Ukraine's unimpressive performance in foreign trade. Nevertheless, the newspaper said, Ukraine has gained precious experience, it is rich in mineral resources and fertile soil and it has great potential in hi-tech industries such as the aerospace and rocket industry and manufacturing of aircraft and weapons. The following is text of article by Anatoliy Hrytsenko and Mykhaylo Pashkov, entitled "Ukraine on world markets: welcome or -", published on 24th June. Subheadings are the newspaper's own.