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  ajob.com.ua   On the site there is approximately 10,000 vacancies and 20,000 resumes; addresses of Employment agencies; links to similar sites; and analysis of the state of employment in Ukraine in 16 different categories. Russian Language.
  www.specialist.kiev.ua   an extended catalog of Ukrainian spesialists resumes
    a weekly magazine with many vacation and resumes
    The site offers information on employment in Ukraine, one of the most extended datas of resumes and vacation in Ukraine
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3 Rognidinska St. Tel.: (044) 235-75-14, 261-18-81
Foreign languages: English, German
  Ancor SW Agency
34 Lesi Ukrainy blvd., #509. Tel.: (044) 295-52-42 295-52-44
Worl HQ Moscow, Search time limit 1 month.
Fee charged to a company 25% of annual salary.
Foreign languages: English, German.
  Business Psyhology Agency
19 Druzhby Narodiv blvd. Tel.: (044) 269-53-21, 269-78-52
Foreign language: English.
10-b Vorovskoho St. Tel.: (044) 212-34-59, 212-38-15
Search time limited: 1 monht.
Fee charged to a company up to 25% of annual salary.
Foreign language: English.
  ExecuSearch Int"l
21 Khreshatyk Str. #111 Tel.: (044) 464-12-96, 464-12-97, 229-69-78
Search time limit 1 week
Foreign languages: English, French, German.
  Grand Personel
10/8 Marshala Rybalka St. Tel.: (044) 274-95-95, 274-95-91, 211-85-37
Search time limit 1 month.
Fee charged to a company 25-33% of annual salary.
Foreign language: English.
3-a Anyschenka St., 2nd fl. Tel.: (044) 290-18-75, 290-15-77
World HQ Vienna. Foreign language English.
  KMK Recruting Services
10 Artema St., Tel.:(044) 219-13-88, 219-19-51
Foreign language: English
18-b Mykhaylivska St.2nd fl. Tel: (044) 464-05-16, 464-05-17
Fee charge to a company 20% of annual salary
Foreign languages: English, German
  Staff Standart
11 M.Raskovoyi St.Tel.:(044) 517-08-59, 517-14-63
Search time limited 4 weeks
Foreign language English
  TMP Ukraine
19 Khreschatyk St.Tel.: (044) 490-29-16, 490-29-17, 490-29-18
Worl HQ New-York. Foreign languages: English, French, German

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